Isocoma drummondii (Torr. & A. Gray) Greene
Family: Asteraceae
Drummond's goldenbush,  more...
[Haplopappus drummondii (Torr. & A. Gray) Blake,  more]
Isocoma drummondii image
Herbage glabrous, not resinous. Leaf blades narrowly oblong to oblanceolate-oblong, 13-50 mm, margins usually entire, sometimes distally toothed (shallow teeth in 1-3 pairs). Involucres (5.5-)6.5-8 × 4.5-5.5(-7) mm. Phyllary apices usually green, not aristate, usually strongly gland-dotted, without resin pockets. Florets (18-)22-34; corollas 5.8-7.5 mm. Cypsela ribs not forming hornlike extensions. Flowering (Mar-)May-Jul. Coastal habitats, often on beach dunes, sand or less commonly clay, brushy prairies, scrub woods, often with mesquite; 0-20 m; Tex.; Mexico (Tamaulipas).
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