Pseudobahia peirsonii Munz
Family: Asteraceae
San Joaquin adobe sunburst
not available
Plants to 70 cm. Leaves 20-60 mm, mostly 2-pinnately (1-pinnately in smaller plants) lobed (lobes 1-5 mm wide). Peduncles 20-80 mm. Phyllaries ± 8, connate at bases, oblanceolate. Ray florets ± 8. Disc florets 25+; tubes cylindro-funnelform, gradually dilated, lobes with glandular hairs. Cypselae ± 3 mm. 2n = 16. Flowering Mar-May. Bare, clayey areas in grasslands; of conservation concern; 100-900 m; Calif. Within populations, some individuals of Pseudobahia peirsonii have ray corollas with ultraviolet-reflective tips, others not.

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