Senecio multidentatus var. huachucanus (A. Gray) T.M. Barkl. (redirected from: Senecio huachucanus)
Family: Asteraceae
Huachuca Mountain ragwort
[Senecio huachucanus Gray]
not available
Perennials, 60-100+ cm (rhizomes weakly spreading). Herbage glabrous or sparsely and unevenly floccose or tomentose. Stems single (erect). Leaves evenly distributed; petiolate; blades ovate to lanceolate, (7-)10-20+ × 4-6(-7) cm, bases ± tapered, margins dentate or denticulate (denticles callous; distal leaves smaller, clasping, bractlike). Heads 4-12 in open, cymiform arrays. Calyculi of 5-10 bractlets (0.5-2.5 mm). Phyllaries ± 13, 4-6(-7) mm, tips black. Ray florets ± 8; corolla laminae 5-8 mm. Cypselae glabrous. Flowering spring-summer. Mountains; of conservation concern; 1800-2200 m; Ariz.; Mexico. Variety huachucanus is in the Center for Plant Conservation´s National Collection of Endangered Plants.

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