Cryptantha ganderi I.M. Johnston
Family: Boraginaceae
Gander's cryptantha
not available
Plant: Annual 10-40 cm; stem simple to branched throughout, strigose and rough-hairy to bristly; hairs spreading Leaves: 1-3(4) cm, simple, entire linear to narrowly lanceolate; bristles spreading, some bulbous-based; basal whorled; cauline generally opposite below, alternate above INFLORESCENCE: cymes, generally terminal, open in fruit Flowers: sepals free, 3-4 mm, 6-10 mm and linear-oblong in fruit, densely strigose to rough-hairy, midvein densely spreading-long-bristly; corolla generally white, tube generally 1-13 mm, appendages 5, white to yellow, corolla limb 1-2 mm wide; anthers included; ovary generally 4-lobed Fruit: Fruit: nutlets 1-2, 2.5-3 mm, lanceolate, back smooth, shiny, with a faint longitudinal ridge, generally mottled gray-brown, groove on inside surface ± open, clearly forked at base Misc: Open, sandy soils, creosote-bush scrub; < 400 m.; Feb-May
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