Erigeron heliographis G.L. Nesom
Family: Asteraceae
Heliograph Peak fleabane
not available
Perennials, 1.5-4.5 cm; taprooted, caudex branches relatively thick, short, retaining old leaf bases. Stems erect, usually sparsely strigose, eglandular. Leaves basal (persistent) and cauline; basal blades linear to barely linear-oblanceolate, 10-20(-40) × 0.5-0.9 mm, cauline slightly reduced distally, margins entire, faces sparsely strigose or glabrous, eglandular. Heads 1(-3). Involucres 3-4 × 5-6 mm. Phyllaries in 3-4 series (purplish), sparsely strigose, little, if at all, minutely glandular. Ray florets 20-23; corollas laminae white, drying white to lavender, 5-8 mm, laminae reflexing. Disc corollas 3-3.5 mm. Cypselae ca. 1.2 mm, 2-nerved, faces sparsely strigose; pappi: outer of setae, inner of 16-21 bristles. Flowering May-Jul. Boulder and cliff crevices, oak, pine-fir, mixed conifer; of conservation concern; 2500-3200 m; Ariz.
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