Deinandra conjugens (D.D. Keck) B.G. Baldw.
Family: Asteraceae
Otay tarplant,  more...
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Annuals, 10-50 cm. Stems ± solid. Leaves: proximal blades pinnatifid to toothed, faces ± hirsute. Heads in glomerules or well separated, in paniculiform arrays. Bracts subtending heads usually over-lapping proximal 0-1/2+ of each involucre. Phyllaries ± sessile- and stipitate-glandular, mostly near proximal margins and on apices, sometimes with non-glandular, non-pustule-based hairs as well. Paleae in 1 series. Ray florets 7-10; laminae deep yellow, 3-6 mm. Disc florets 13-21, all or mostly functionally staminate; anthers reddish to dark purple. Pappi of 6-9 scales 0.5-1 mm. 2n = 24. Flowering Apr-Jun. Grasslands, openings in coastal scrub, disturbed sites, clayey soils; of conservation concern; 20-300 m; Calif.; Mexico (Baja California). Deinandra conjugens is known from the inner South Coast and in southwestern foothills of the Peninsular Ranges, near San Diego.

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