Delphinium variegatum subsp. kinkiense (Munz) Warnock
Family: Ranunculaceae
San Clemente Island larkspur
not available
Stem: base sparsely long-pubescent. Inflorescences usually with fewer than 12 flowers per branch. Flowers: sepals white or light blue, lateral sepals 11-18 mm; lower petal blades 4-9 mm. Flowering early spring. Chaparral, oak woods, grassland; of conservation concern; 0-500 m; Calif. Delphinium variegatum subsp. kinkiense has an extremely restricted distribution, is very poorly known, and is imperiled by grazing. Delphinium parryi and D . variegatum subsp. thornei are the only other taxa of Delphinium naturally found on San Clemente Island.

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